The final nails

HP just put another nail in the coffin for Microsoft's Windows phones, shelving the last premium Windows phone available. This isn't the final nail, which will be when Microsoft announces that they will stop development on Windows 10 Mobile. That might take a bit longer, but I fully expect it. Microsoft also recently announced that… Continue reading The final nails


The Surprise Winner

When I realized that a switch from Windows on my phone was unavoidable, I was expecting to find a subpar phone experience with more apps. I was wrong. iOS and Android offer experiences that are different from Windows Mobile. I still prefer the homescreen and integrated functionality of my Lumia phone. The closest equivalent to… Continue reading The Surprise Winner

Why Windows Phone failed

This excellent article from QZ says it better than I could. It didn't have to be this way; I blame Ballmer. Microsoft still needs to have a mobile platform, but only as an implementation of Windows 10, for use in small devices, with or without telephony. That telephony-optional approach might actually help, for example, eventually… Continue reading Why Windows Phone failed

What I miss so far, and what I don’t

In light of Apple's recent announcement that iOS 11 will have some kind of driving mode, I wanted to call out some of the outstanding features of Windows Mobile that I miss, starting with... Driving Mode Windows phones are great in cars. The Gadgets system app will remember where you parked, which is cool, but… Continue reading What I miss so far, and what I don’t

Android dreams of a Windows sheep (2 of 2)

In part 1 of this post, I discussed what I like about Android, what I didn't like, and my experience with Google's Project Fi. This post will conclude my initial impressions of Android, listing some general disappointments, and what I missed most from Windows and from iOS. A quick update on Project Fi, since my… Continue reading Android dreams of a Windows sheep (2 of 2)

Android dreams of a Windows sheep (1 of 2) [UPDATED]

I had my iPhone week. Since then, I've been carrying two Android phones. Well, one and a half (more on that coming up). (It's taken me longer to write this up for a number or reasons, so, yeah, this is my obligatory sorry-I-haven't-written-in-a-while blog post.) To test out Android, I had a Google/Huawei Nexus 6P on… Continue reading Android dreams of a Windows sheep (1 of 2) [UPDATED]

iPhone thoughts after a week (2 of 2)

This is the second part of a two-part post. In the first part, I discussed generally what I liked and didn't like about my use of the iPhone for a week. Here are the rest of my thoughts on how the week went. Disappointments Coming from Windows phones, one can get discouraged, hearing about… Continue reading iPhone thoughts after a week (2 of 2)