Google is making the same mistakes Microsoft made

This LA Times article highlights some of the mistakes Google has made with the Pixel phones, selling at about the combined market for all Windows phones a year ago.

So, since the Pixel really appeals to me at least on paper, I have to wonder: Why? Why does Google seem to be handing the smartphone market to Apple and Samsung? Are they following a strategy of positioning the Pixel phones as a proof of concept of what can be done with an Android phone rather than as a serious entry in the market?

When Microsoft released the Lumia 950 and 950XL, they limited the device to one carrier, at&t, unless you bought the phone from them directly, thereby isolating themselves from the largest U.S. carrier: Verizon. It was a terrible decision, leaving a lot of Windows phone users out in the cold. Google released the Pixel, limiting it to one carrier, Verizon, unless you bought the phone directly. HELLO?!

What is going on? Are they trying to direct everyone to Google Fi instead?


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