About me

I’m a 50-ish, American family guy who’s worked with technology since the 80s. I got my first cell phone in the mid 90s, and used various PDAs, MP3/media players, etc. I didn’t get a smartphone until 2013, replacing my company-issued BlackBerry. I had been part of an emerging-technology group at work, so had hands-on experience working with new mobile devices ranging from the Palm VII to BlackBerry when it entered the scene.

For some time now, my primary area of professional interest has been in security, although I wouldn’t consider myself a hacker. I’m more interested in the security capabilities of smart phones and how, in actual practice, they support or undermine data security.

Currently, my ‘daily driver’ phone is a Microsoft Lumia 950XL, the same phone my wife has. My daughter currently has a Lumia 640XL. We’ve also had a Lumia 925, 521, 640,  1020, and a 920.