Android dreams of a Windows sheep (2 of 2)

In part 1 of this post, I discussed what I like about Android, what I didn't like, and my experience with Google's Project Fi. This post will conclude my initial impressions of Android, listing some general disappointments, and what I missed most from Windows and from iOS. A quick update on Project Fi, since my… Continue reading Android dreams of a Windows sheep (2 of 2)


Engadget: the hunt for Windows phones

Engadget just published this straightforward article on how Windows phones had next to zero presence at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. This is why I am writing this blog: There is no new hardware on the horizon, only the faintest of rumors about a phantom 'Surface Phone' or the holy grail, a phone… Continue reading Engadget: the hunt for Windows phones

Background: The Rise and Fall of BlackBerry

This is an excellent article on what happened with BlackBerry, and how poor decisions by RIM and Verizon really enabled the rise of the iPhone and Android, at the expense of BlackBerry devices. I really can't add anything to it, so this is probably the last blog post to address BlackBerry or RIM directly. (For… Continue reading Background: The Rise and Fall of BlackBerry