Gates now uses Android

It had to happen. It has. ALL the nails might not be in the coffin yet, but this is a big one. Has anyone heard or seen which Android phone he's using? I'm guessing the Samsung S8 family, since that's being sold by the Windows Store and Microsoft has a bundling arrangement with Samsung.


Why Windows Phone failed

This excellent article from QZ says it better than I could. It didn't have to be this way; I blame Ballmer. Microsoft still needs to have a mobile platform, but only as an implementation of Windows 10, for use in small devices, with or without telephony. That telephony-optional approach might actually help, for example, eventually… Continue reading Why Windows Phone failed

What I miss so far, and what I don’t

In light of Apple's recent announcement that iOS 11 will have some kind of driving mode, I wanted to call out some of the outstanding features of Windows Mobile that I miss, starting with... Driving Mode Windows phones are great in cars. The Gadgets system app will remember where you parked, which is cool, but… Continue reading What I miss so far, and what I don’t

Why THAT phone?

We first bought a Windows phone, the Nokia Lumia 920, when it came out in late 2012. I was still using a Blackberry for work, although I had a lot of hands-on experience with both iPhone and Android devices. My wife was upgrading to this phone from an iPhone 3GS, which she liked well enough, although it… Continue reading Why THAT phone?