Why this blog?

With the continued decline of Windows phones, I realized that I might need an exit strategy for me and my family. My phone at the time, a Lumia 950XL, was two years old at the end of 2017, and my daughter’s phone, a 640XL, was older still. Many apps were leaving and core functions weren’t as reliable as they could have been.

My purpose in writing this blog was to capture my thoughts on Windows phones and to document my experiences using iOS and Android devices from the perspective of someone familiar primarily with Windows phones.

I hoped (in vain) to stay on a Windows phone—there were good reasons to do so—but since Microsoft didn’t decide it really wanted people to use its mobile platform, I had to make a switch.

Windows Mobile 10, the current version of the phone platform, still has a lot going for it, and I don’t think less of anyone because they stay or leave.

It’s just a phone, after all.