Further proof the Lumia 1020 was years ahead of its time

This recent video compares to current smartphone cameras. I think it fared pretty well! https://youtu.be/452Cc5vJ4Ps  


The final nails

HP just put another nail in the coffin for Microsoft's Windows phones, shelving the last premium Windows phone available. This isn't the final nail, which will be when Microsoft announces that they will stop development on Windows 10 Mobile. That might take a bit longer, but I fully expect it. Microsoft also recently announced that… Continue reading The final nails

The Surprise Winner

When I realized that a switch from Windows on my phone was unavoidable, I was expecting to find a subpar phone experience with more apps. I was wrong. iOS and Android offer experiences that are different from Windows Mobile. I still prefer the homescreen and integrated functionality of my Lumia phone. The closest equivalent to… Continue reading The Surprise Winner